In the midst of Covid-19, we are with you and here for you.

While uncertainty and worry surround us, Trinity Church wants to be a guide drawing our eyes to our good, powerful and present Creator God who alone can provide us the hope and peace that our souls crave.  We are working on many new avenues to help our community find security in God and support one another.  Here are several resources available to you and we encourage you to take advantage of them.

Sunday Morning Service

Join us Sunday mornings at 10am to participate in our online worship service. The above video is updated each week on Sunday morning at roughly 7AM. We'd love for you to take an hour with us and others at Trinity to set aside this still intentional Sabbath to rest, and be ministered to by the Holy Spirit, through His Word.

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Connect with your Growth group or church community by text, email, phone, FaceTime, Zoom, etc. If you are not currently in a group, register for the new online group.

Email our Pastoral team if you need extra support in this season. They are available and desire to connect with you via phone or other ways.

Submit Prayer Requests for our Prayer Team.

Spend time reading the Bible and grow in your knowledge of and trust in the God who holds the world together.  If you don’t know where to start, read the book of Matthew and discover Jesus.

Hope in Uncertainty

We'll be sharing more resources for you over time. For now we would encourage you to engage with the following resources if you are feeling anxiety or restlessness in the midst of the state of the world.