Advent Week 3 / Luke 1:26-38 

An Unexpected Announcement 

This advent, we are looking at different passages in Luke and joining him in celebrating the salvation that Jesus brings. Chapters one and two in the Gospel of Luke are like the first notes of the symphony of salvation. 

The Savior is coming! 

This is the theme of these chapters, and Luke’s primary goal is to set the stage for why Jesus is coming and what he will accomplish when he does come. 

This Sunday, we will examine the angel Gabriel’s message to Mary. 

But the message is not just for her; it is for us. As we listen to this message, we will hear words of comfort, words to challenge, and words to empower endurance in any situation. 

Sermon Notes:

An Angel’s Greeting: (26-29) 

A Child’s Fear (29) 

An Angel’s Comfort (30-33) 

An Honest Question (34) 

An Angel’s Answer (35-37) 

A Servant’s Response (v.38) 

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