Daily Word / A Survival Kit for Hard Times

Today’s Text: Psalm 119: 121-128

Today’s Song: Give Me Jesus 


Today we move into a new section: Psalm 119:121-128. 

Here we are given a survival kit for hard times. 

Here are my study notes: 


  • His conscious is clean; he has done what is right and just;
    • He has lived faithfully to the word; right decisions based on right principles; (Chose the right path based his just commands)
    • He is scared for the future: he needs some assurance: give me a pledge of your goodness
  • oppressors; they are active; 121, 122
  • 123: God is silent; (this is every bit as difficult as the oppressors)
    • “a fulfillment” – a word– but not the objective word like the bible; but a word that is brought powerfully home to our minds and hearts; a word from the Lord for the moment we are in;
  • In spite of it all; He is confident in God’s love; (124)
    • implication: God expresses his love by teaching his word;
    • (124–125)
      • progression:
        • Teach me…understanding…know


  • 126: they have “treated your commandments as void of significance”
    • that is how they have broken it; they have utterly disregarded it;
  • Therefore (1) in times like this- I will reaffirm my love for God;
  • Therefore (2) I reaffirm my commitment to his path;

How do you maintain servanthood; I am your servant in darks days?

  • (125, 127) assured of His love; and long for his truth.
  • desire Divine action; For me (124) and (126) against the Lord’s enemies;
  • 121–122: seek divine intervention
  • 127–128: pledge personal commitment;

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