Daily Word/ How to Be Weird

Today’s Text: Psalm 119: 113-115

Today’s Song: I Surrender All 


This section teaches us how to be weird…in a good way. Here are the study notes: 

  1. Set Apart (113–115)
  2. Supported (116–117)
  3. Serious (118–120)

What does it mean to be different?

Inward: what you love and what you hate: challenge- help us to love what you love and hate what you hate;

  • hate the “double-minded” one’s; those who are divided; they are trying to make what is straight looked crooked; “a broken branch” trying to make murky what is clear;
  • love: God’s teaching;

Upward: (114)

  • You are my hiding place; where I run to for refuge; (the number of false refuges…
  • Where I run for protection: not to my own record…rightness…others wrongs…we are masters at defense mechanisms;

Outward: (115)

  • how to live among the wicked
  • “keep: preserve; observe 2 words:
    • 1. preserve: you are going to maintain the whole of it; (there is no more powerful way to be counter-cultural) are you willing to keep the whole? not just the parts that jour culture likes;
    • 2. keep: not the whole of it, but the whole of me; fully keeping- all of me;

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