Daily Word / Light For My Path

Today’s Text: Psalm 119: 105-112

Today’s Song: Knowing You 


This is one of the most practical sections of Psalm 119.  Here is a helpful outline: 

A1- 105, 106: Living the Truth. (feet: this is about practical living; and that requires deliberate commitment and action: swornconfirmkeep)

B-1: 107-108: Life’s trials- Apply God’s truth (we get brought low) 
B-2: 109-110: LIfe’s trials-  Personal devotion to the Truth (we get attacked) 

A2- Loving the Truth. (foot was the keyword above, here it is heart; this balances both inward delight and outward action. Gladness without obedience is frivolity or shallowness, but obedience without gladness is legalism, conformism, dead orthodoxy)

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