Daily Word: Mark 4:35-41. 3 Questions and why my boys love Publix

Song: When I Survey the Wondrous Cross


Question 1: Don’t you care that we are dying?

  • They assume that since they lost control of the world then the world was out of control. That is a bad assumption. 

Question 2: Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?

Central Theme: of the 2nd main movement of Mark (4:35-8.26) the establishment of faith; 

3 Key groups:

  • 1. The disciples: the movement toward faith; 
  • 2. The opponents: they are the negative picture of faith:
    • they see and yet they don’t  perceive; they hear and yet don’t understand; 
    • (they question his actions; accuse him of blasphemy; align him with Beelzebub; Question his authority) 
  • 3. The suppliants: (13 characters) represent great variety–all under the shadow of death; 
    • they show all of the ways the world cannot help deal with the shadow of death; 

Faith means turning to Jesus in the midst of real needs in the world under the shadow:

Question 3: Who is this? 

  • They are more afraid than when they were in the storm:

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