Daily Word// Our Stability and Security Part 2

Today’s Text: Psalm 119:89-96

Today’s Song: Leaning on the Everlasting Arms 


Today we continue our look at Psalm 119: 89-96.

And we ask: How do we experience this security and stability? 

Here is the Charles Spurgeon Quote:

That Word which has preserved the heavens and the earth also preserves the people of God in their time of trial. We should have felt ready to lie down and die of our griefs if the spiritual comforts of God’s Word had not uplifted us; but by their sustaining influence we have been borne above all the depressions and despairs which naturally grow out of severe affliction. Some of us can set our seal to this statement. In our darkest seasons nothing has kept us from desperation but the promise of the Lord; at times nothing has stood between us and self-destruction save faith in the eternal Word of God. When worn with pain until the brain has become dazed and the reason well-nigh extinguished, a sweet text has whispered to us its heart-cheering assurance, and our poor struggling mind has reposed upon the bosom of God. That which was our delight in prosperity has been our light in adversity; that which in the day kept us from presuming has in the night kept us from perishing.

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