Daily Word // Psalm 119:1-8 // Walking in the Way of the Lord

Today’s Text: Psalm 119:1-8

 Today’s Song: He Will Hold Me Fast 


Verses 1-8 lay the foundation upon which the entire Psalm will be built. 

It is built on a rock-solid commitment to walking in the way of blessing, and it is built upon a rock-solid commitment to seeking the Lord. 

Questions to Consider: 
We need to believe confidently that verses 1-3 are true. 

  • How does the world try and convince us that life can’t be this simple? You can’t divide the world so neatly into two ways of walking? 

We need to pray verses 5-8 confidently from the heart. 

  • What desires or fears are keeping you from a wholehearted walk? 

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