Daily Word // Psalm 19

Today’s Text: Psalm 19

Today’s Song: This is My Father’s World 


Today we begin a series on Psalm 19. In this Psalm, we hear three voices, singing in harmony about the glory of the Lord’s revelation. 

CS Lewis said this was the most perfect poem he had ever read. 

Psalm 19 is one of the great “Word” Psalms (1, 19, 119) that celebrate the great gift of the Lord’s word and show how we are transformed by meditating on it. 

One key will be to see the pattern: revelation and then response; (Revelation + Response = Relationship) 

Here is the basic outline: 
1. David celebrates God’s revelation in creation; (1-6) 
2. David celebrates God’s revelation in his word; (7-11)
3. David responds with his own voice of praise; (12-14)

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