Discouraging words and a nail pierced hand 

Isaiah 49:13-16 and John 20:24-31 

In Isaiah 49:13, God calls all creation to celebrate and sing for joy because His servant is about to accomplish salvation. And that salvation is set to go to the ends of the earth (49:6). 

But in 49:14, Israel responds: The Lord has forsaken me; my Lord has forgotten me. 

They should be celebrating, but they are sulking. The world will experience a glorious salvation, yet, all Israel can think about is their present problems. 

This is how depression talks. 

I have been forsaken. 

I have been forgotten. 

That is great for them…but what about me? 

But how does faith talk back? 

How does God counsel them in the middle of their despair? 

This Sunday, join us as we see how God speaks directly to their discouragement and shows them a powerful picture of His enduring love. 

Sermon Outline

Isiah 49: 13-16

Word’s of discouragement  vs words of comfort 

John 20:24-31 

1. Thomas’ Absence 

  • 1. He wasn’t where he was supposed to be 
  • 2. He didn’t listen to who he was supposed to listen to 

– What unbelief causes? 

  • 1. Relational strain 
  • 2. Identity loss 

2. Jesus’ Appearance 

  • When does Jesus come? 
  • Where does Jesus go? 
  • What does Jesus say? 
  • How does Thomas respond? 

3. Our Acceptance 

  • The rebuke 
  • The blessing 

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