Ephesians 1:15-23

So often we, as individuals and as the church, forget the true power source of our life.
Or worse, we try to supply the power ourselves.

Not so with Paul.

His life and ministry were saturated with prayer.
In fact, all of Ephesians 1 is prayer.
Paul is praising God for his grand work of redemption and Paul is praying for the believers in Ephesus.

Even though chapter 1 is one of the most complex chapters in the Bible, it can be simply structured around 2 keys:
1. Theological Adoration (vv.3-14)
2. Thankful Intercession (vv15-23)

What if these two things are all you need to be spiritually healthy?

As we begin to unpack 1:15-23 Paul gives us three very simple, and very profound marks of spiritual health:

  1. faith in…
  2. love for…
  3. thankful to…


(Note: we apologize, but there are some audio issues with this recording. We are working on smoothing out our recording process.)

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