Exodus 3:1-10 | A Life-Changing Encounter With The Living Lord

As we continue in the book of Exodus, Moses is a fugitive on the run, a man of ambition whose life has descended into obscurity. As chapter three opens, he is leading his father-in-law’s flock through a desolate, rocky wilderness. 

And then, something happens. 

He sees something. Something unexpected…something he couldn’t anticipate, plan, or control. 

Drawn by curiosity, he is shocked to hear his name called out from a burning bush and the living God speaking directly to him. 

And his life is never the same. 

Exodus chapters three and four are some of the most famous passages in the Bible. 
And it describes for us how you can have a life-changing encounter with the Living Lord. 

Join us tomorrow as we unpack this encounter and seek to understand how we, too, can experience a life-changing encounter with the Living Lord. 

We will unpack it along these lines: 
    1. Where Moses is…Where you are. 
    2. What Moses does…What you do. 
    3. Who Moses meets…Who you meet. 

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