Exodus 3:11-22 | Say my name

The stories in the early part of Exodus speak to us in our times of greatest and most urgent need. They speak to us when we are tempted to say: God has forsaken…God has forgotten…Why me? Why? Why now? This doesn’t make sense…

Exodus 1-6 quietly reminds us that these feelings are not true. In fact, the reality is just the opposite: God has not forsaken us, he has not forgotten us or our need and despite all appearances, his promises are sure, and his purposes will be accomplished. 

But if all you have is Exodus 1-6, all you have is despair, discouragement, and failure. Moses returns to Egypt, and after his first meeting with the elders and his first interaction with Pharaoh, we meet with someone who has failed again. The result of his efforts is that things have gotten worse! 

The Lord has not solved their problem by changing the external circumstances…they worse…or even their internal feelings and temperaments…they are the same. They are still fearful, sarcastic, frustrated, and discouraged.

The solution to Moses’ deep insecurity and the people’s deep discouragement is reflected all throughout chapters 3 and 4. 

God’s solution lies in a unique place. 

And it all revolves around his name.  

Join us this Sunday as we open up the meaning of God’s name. 

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