Exodus 4:18-7:7 | The Failure Formula

As we move into the final section of the introduction to Exodus, it might be helpful to get a basic map of where we are and where God wants us to go. 

 There are two basic movements from 4:18-7:7.

First, we have Moses’s arrival back in Egypt and his first encounter with Pharaoh (4:18-5:21). This part of the story begins in hope and eager anticipation and ends in disaster, despair, and dissension.

It is an open and obvious failure.
And NOT what Moses or anyone else expected. 

 Second, we see how a discouraged Moses brought his unexpected failure back to the Lord and received divine redirection and renewal, and how he learned the lesson from his first failure (5:22-7:7) 

 Here, we see both the formula for failure and the formula for faith. Here is the outline below: 

The Failure Formula 

    False Expectations 

    Misplaced Blame 

    Presumptuous Actions  

The Faith Formula 




I hope you can join us as we unpack the failure formula and see that even though Moses and the people have hit rock bottom…this is exactly where God wants them…for this is exactly where their hope can be revived and his power displayed. 

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