Friday Prayer / Visions from Zechariah

Today we turn our attention to the book of Zechariah. 

The restoration of Jerusalem after the exile happened in three key phases:

  • Phase 1: The rebuilding of the temple (536-516 BC) 
  • Phase 2: Ezra’s ministry of teaching (468 BC) 
  • Phases 3: Nehemiah’s rebuilding of the walls (445 BC) 

During the first phase, when they were rebuilding the temple, they stalled. 

A remnant had returned to Jerusalem to undertake the temple building project. They got off to a good start but they have flagged, their energy has failed and they need to be rejuvenated. 

God sent Haggai and Zechariah and it was their preaching that motivated the people to keep going, they had to remind them that God has begun a good work through them and He will be faithful to bring it o completion. 

Today we will focus our praying around three of the visions God sent through Zechariah to motivate the people to keep going. 

Prayer Point 1: Zechariah 2: The young man with the measuring line. 

  • The focus of chapter 2 is that they will not begin with the wall but with the temple. 
  • God’s presence is the point. 
  • God’s presence is their protection. 

Prayer Point 2: Zechariah 3: Joshua the High Priest 

  • The focus of chapter 3 is on the priest. 
  • Satan’s accusations must be silenced 
  • God’s people must be purified. 

Prayer Point 3: Zechariah 4: Zerubbabel the Governor 

  • The focus of chapter 4 is on the civic leaders. 
  • They have a great work to do and the resources God has given are more than enough. 
  • They must focus on the Spirit of God- that will be their strength. 
  • They must focus on the small things for God- that will be the way the kingdom is built. 

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