Have you ever tried to cook waffles in a Playstation | Welcome back! – Exodus

I hope your new 2024 year is off to a great start! 

I am excited to get back into the book of Exodus, and we will begin this year by taking a deep dive into the 10 Commandments. 

Several years ago, when I was in youth ministry, one of our students had one of the greatest Christmases of his life that turned into a disaster. That year, he received a PlayStation 3, which was the hottest gift going; for a few days, he was ecstatic. Then disaster struck. And disaster was his little sister. She was only around three at the time, and she tried to stick an ego waffle into the PlayStation. She was hungry and thought it looked like a toaster. 

The PlayStation is an amazing machine…it can do many amazing things…but it can’t cook waffles. You have to operate it in line with its design. 

Likewise, we, too, are wonderfully made. We are complex physically, complex psychologically, and complex spiritually. And if we don’t live in line with our design, we will break. We need a maker’s handbook. And the beauty and glory of the Ten Commandments is that is exactly what they are. 

I hope you will join us over the next 13 weeks as we take a deep dive into the commandments.

Whether your life will grow and blossom or shrink and wither will largely be due to how well your life mirrors these basic commands.  

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