How do you cultivate a healthy heart?

Last week, we asked the question: How healthy is your heart? 

We saw that of all the opportunities and challenges you will face, of all of the conditions and circumstances you will expereince, the condition of your heart is the most important. 

Your heart is the center of your physical, emotional, intellectual, and moral activities. 

Everything we say and do flows from our heart. 

So, how do you cultivate a healthy heart? 

This Sunday, we will focus on Jesus’ game plan for heart health. 

We will see the three different soul soils that need to be cultivated and the three distinct steps we need to follow. Here is the outline:

    1. The 3 soils for soul growth (Luke 6:12-19)
        – In secret 
        – In small groups 
        – In public gatherings 

    2. The 3 steps for soul growth (Luke 6:47)
        – Come 
        – Hear 
        – Do

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