Lord’s Prayer: Hallowed by Thy Name…

This Sunday we will look at the first petition of the Lord’s prayer in Matthew 6:9.
Hallowed be Thy name… 

The first petition is our first priority. 

But what does it mean to hallow God’s name? 

John Calvin put it beautifully:  he said to hallow God’s name means

to have your entire heart captivated by wonderment for God. 

To help us have our hearts “captivated by wonderment,” we will turn to Psalm 63. In this Psalm, David teaches us how to hallow God’s name. 

Sermon Notes 

The Lord’s Prayer: Hallowed be Thy name…

Psalm 63

  1. Motivated by Desire (Desiring God) vv. 1-3a
    1. The barrenness of the world 
    2. The beauty of worship

Key: Before you can truly praise you have to accurately appraise. 

2. Experienced in an Encounter (Experiencing God) vv. 3b-7 

  1. Expressing 

2. Thinking 

3. Results in Rest (Trusting God) vv. 8-11 

  1. He rests…(v.8)

2. He trusts…(v.9) 

3. He reminds…(v.10) 

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