Matthew 20:29-21:17 / The Main Thing 

Matthew 21-23 focuses on the central issues of life.

In 20:29-21:17, we have three encounters and three stories that teach us the most important thing in life: who is Jesus, and what does it mean to follow him? 

There is no more serious issue than this. 

Starting in Matthew 20 and moving through 21:17, Matthew gives us three encounters that summarize all he has told us up to this point. Matthew has first given us a preliminary Christology in chapters 11 and 12, but now in 21, he provides us with a summary version. Here, all that Jesus is and all that He has shown himself to be is summarized comprehensively for the church. 

This week we will look at the first two pictures of Jesus, and we will see that He is both the merciful High Priest and the modest King. 

Sermon Notes: 

1. He is The Merciful High Priest (20:29-34)

2. He is The Modest King: (21:1-11) 

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