Matthew 22:15-46 / Controversial Questions / Eternal Answers

Four big questions arise in Matthew 22:15-46. 

Three are asked of Jesus and one is asked by Jesus. 

The three questions asked of Jesus are meant to trip him up and trap him.  

But what they meant for evil, God uses for good. 

The questions are: 

  • Q1: The Political Question: what to think about taxes and the government?  (22:15-22) 
  • Q2: The Theological Question: what to think about life after death? (22:23-33)  
  • Q3: The Biblical Question: what matters most in life? (22:34-40) 
  • Q4: The “Jesus” Question: what do you think about Jesus? (22:41-46) 

It is amazing how timely these questions are. 

Question 1:  In nearly every era of human history, Christians must wrestle with how much of themselves they give to their country, its government, its concerns, its sins, and its celebrations. We are always asking the political question. 

Question 2:  Every person must wrestle with their own mortality. The fear of death haunts us all, especially in cultures that so systematically suppress the reality of death and seek to sanitize and sterilize all of life. This question is always lurking, beneath the surface, behind the distractions. 

Question 3: Demands of all kinds dominate our attention. Options abound, opportunities are endless, and choice can be all-consuming. Which demands are paramount? What should be our central focus? How do you judge all of the opportunities and responsibilities? These are questions we are all asking, and few are answering.  

Question 4:  Finally, the most important question of them all. The question few are asking, but everyone should ask: Who is Jesus? 

From these four questions, we learn many things: don’t trifle with Jesus, and how to order your life being foremost. The miracles of Jesus should amaze us, but the wisdom and intelligence of Jesus should direct us. 

These are the questions everyone is asking, whether they know it or not. 

And these are the questions we need to hear Jesus answering, whether we know it or not. 

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