Missions Month at Trinity – Peter Willis

Hearing Dale Peacock, Will Romualdo, and Dan Maloy preach these past 3 weeks has been such a blessing!
This Sunday, we are excited to wrap up our Mission’s Month with Peter Willis preaching.

“The Sustaining Power & Presence of Christ”  based on Mark 4:35-41. I invite you to read over this passage to prepare your heart.

In 2010, Apple’s introduction of the iPad marked a turning point for the company that led to exponential growth. With over 350 million iPads sold to date and 61 million in 2022 alone, Apple’s worth has exceeded 3 TRILLION dollars, surpassing Alphabet and Amazon combined. Apple’s impact extends beyond computer products; they have spearheaded a technological movement that placed computers in our pockets and revolutionized communication.

However, 2010 was a turning point for another movement, one that has had a far greater impact on human history—the exponential growth of the global Church, surpassing any previous period in Christian history. 

These unprecedented times offer exciting prospects, with the potential of a growing church in every people group within our lifetimes. Yet despite this remarkable movement, the Great Commission remains unfinished, and many American Christians are unaware of its mandate and their role in it. Additionally, those actively involved often experience burnout and leave the ministry.

This raises the question: What will sustain our faithful service in the Great Commission amidst life’s inevitable storms? 

Join us this Sunday as we delve into Mark 4:35-41, seeking answers to this vital question together.

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