Nehemiah 9 // A Sinning People and A Saving God 

The ancient Greeks had a saying: cabbage served twice is death. Leftover cabbage was hard to revive. But stale cabbage is not the only thing had to revive. 

Our souls can grow stale. Our prayers can stall out. Our spiritual vitality can decay. 

All of us, if we are honest, know the experience of lifelessness that can overtake our spiritual condition. How energy and vitality give way to lifeless routines and soul-deadening predictability. 

When it does, how do we reheat? When prayer becomes routine, when it devolves into a continual shopping list of things wanted and adoration and confession have dried up, where do we turn? 

Nehemiah 9 is like a soul air-fryer, able to reheat soggy souls.

Nehemiah 9 is one of the greatest chapters in the Bible, on par with Romans 8 and Psalm 23. 

Reading and meditating on this particular prayer, with its unrelenting God-focused perspective and an open confession of personal and corporate sin, can be instant energy and a jolt for tired, struggling souls. 

Join us tomorrow as we walk through this powerful chapter. 

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