Passion Week | Bearing False Witness – The Ninth Commandment  – Mark 14:55-72 

As we turn our attention to Holy Week, we will compare the trial of Jesus and the trial of Peter. 

Mark intentionally structures these two trial accounts as contrasting stories. Peter is on trial just like Jesus, and the key question is: does he have what it takes to be a faithful witness?

And what we will see is that he doesn’t. But we can’t be too hard on him because Mark wants us to know that all of life is a trial…and often, we don’t have what it takes either. But in comparing the two we see how false witnessing causes a breaking and how real repentance brings about healing. 

Here is our outline: 

Mark 14:55-72 
1. See the trial 
     – Jesus’s Trial (55-66) 
     – Peter’s Trial (66-72) 

2. Hear the confession 

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