Psalm 27

This Psalm will be our theme all of August, so this Sunday will be an appetizer for what is to come. 

Psalm 27 begins in fear and ends in betrayal, and in the middle, there is…beauty?

Huh? How does David get here? 

Developmental psychologist Jerry Colonna says there are
three primal things every human needs: 

  • safety 
  • belonging 
  • love

And in this psalm, David is in danger of losing all three! 

The fear is real. 
The anxiety is present. 
The journey is difficult. 

And he says he needs more than anything else to behold God’s beauty. 

God tells him to “Seek my face,”
and David responds, “Your face, O Lord, I seek.” 

This is God’s call…and our ultimate need. 

Join us tomorrow as we seek God’s face.

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