Psalm 77:1-20: Doing Battle with Disillusionment

Psalm 77–Doing Battle with Disillusionment

1. Struggling in the dark shadows of disillusionment Ps 77:1-9

  • The psalmist, like many of us, experienced a prolonged time of distress where he desperately sought the Lord for help …with no response from heaven.  Vss. 1-3
  •  The unresponsiveness of God– in spite of prolonged, desperate prayer– resulted in confusion, frustration, depression and doubt…The dark shadows of disillusionment brought the psalmist to the very brink of losing his faith. Vss.4-9

2. Re-emerging into the light of re-energized faith Ps 77:10-20

  • The psalmist made a resolute decision to shift his gaze from  the immediate and temporal  to the ultimate and eternal. Vs 10
  • The psalmist determined to let his mind dwell on the amazing deeds of God for His people, especially His work of redemption, with the result that he could again adoringly bow before the holiness of God, exulting that he is in relationship with this God who is so mighty and faithful. Vss. 11-15
  • The psalmist specifically focused in on God’s act of redemption at the Red Sea bringing him to the fresh, re-energizing confidence that: Vss. 16-20
    • HE IS IN CONTROL: His awesome power to rescue His people by parting the very waves that had trapped them and left them exposed to the Enemy demonstrates His Sovereign Power is greater than anything we may face. (Vss. 16-19)
    • HE KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING: His “path was in the sea”, His “footsteps were not seen” reminds us that  His Inscrutable Wisdom leads His people along a pathway that at times seems blocked and threatening reminding us that —inability to understand how God is working is no sign that He is not at work. (Vs.19)
    • HE IS WITH ME ALL THE WAY: He “led His people like a flock” brings home to us His Unfailing Love as our Good Shepherd to tenderly guide, protect and provide for His people and bring them all the way to His promised rest as they trust and follow Him. (Vs. 20)

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