Romans 7 / The Divided Mind 

If you are going to experience the transforming power of the gospel, then you have to know how sin seeks to bind and break you. 

Sin wants to break you. Break your relationship with God and others. Break you internally and externally. 

This week we will look at Romans 7. 

Here we will find one of the most profound analyses of sin and the way it operates ever written. Paul dramatically portrays how sin makes us internally divided, conflicted, and restless. He shows how sin wants to break our relationship with ourselves. And then he gives us the path to freedom and wholeness. 

For Your Weekend Reading: 

Romans 7 is one of the most controversial chapters in the Bible. Several years ago, John Piper, Tom Schreiner, and I (I was speaking on behalf of Martyn Lloyd-Jones) debated at the Gospel Coalition, who Paul was describing in Romans 7. You can see my article here:

(And for what it is worth, I agree with Piper.) 

Romans 7 / The Divided Mind 

1. The Great Privilege (v.4) 

  • New Life; Relationship  
  • New Relationship 
  • New Purpose 
  • New Ability 

2. The Great Problem (v.11) 

3. The Universal Struggle (vv.14-25) 

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