Sermon / Are We Wheat or Weeds? / Matthew 13: 24-31, 36-43

All of the parables are meant to solve mysteries. 

And the mysteries that this parable unravels are some of the most profound in life. 
To do so, Jesus points us to two fairly ordinary fields

If you want to understand why the world is as it is…or why the church is as it is…or why you are as you are…you have to understand these fields. 

If the picture that he paints with these two fields sinks down into you it will create in you a beautiful balance…provide a settled stability…and a calm confidence that can be utterly transforming. 

Here is the outline for those following along at home: 

1. The Story:
a. There are 2 Sowers:
    (v.37) The Son of Man:
    (v.39)- The Enemy- the Devil: 
b. There are 2 Seeds:
    (24) Good seed-
    (25)- Weeds- 
c. There are 2 Reactions:
    (v.27-28) Servants
    (v.29-30) Master 
d. There are 2 Results: (v.30)

2. The Meaning:
1. In the world today, there are two kingdoms: 
    a. The kingdom really is here-
    b. The kingdom comes slowly: 

2. There is nothing more important than knowing which you are:
    a. Real Christians are like seeds that have been planted
    b. Real Christians grow

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