Sermon: Forgive us our debts…Psalm 51

(This audio includes our sermon on Psalm 51, our prayer time for Cathy Garrett and her family, and the final two songs: Cornerstone and It is Well.)

Sermon Notes

A Grace-Saturated Culture, part 2 

Matthew 6:12 Creating a culture of generous dependance 

and regular repentance 

“Forgive us our debts, as we have forgiven our debtors…” 

Psalm 52

The  Experience of Real Repentance 

If you are going to experience real repentance you have to: 

a. See who you really are 

b. See who you really hurt 

The Expression of Real Repentance 

  1. What you say 
  2. What you seek 
    1. Clean 
    2. Spirit 
    3. Sober joy  

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