Sermon / I Have Prayed for You / Luke 22:31-34

Last Sunday we turned our attention to Peter’s betrayal of Jesus in Luke 22.

The key questions we wrestled with were:

  • Who is the real you?
  • Is the real you, you when you are confident, successful, and victorious?
  • Or is the real you, the frustrated and failing you?

In that passage, Satan seeks to “sift” Peter. He wants to shake him so his faith will fail, and the primary way he does that is to force him into a situation where he doesn’t live up to his own expectations about himself.

This past year Satan has done the same thing to us all. He has sought to sift us…wanting our faith to fail, our families to fail, our society to fail, and our churches to fail.

BUT, Jesus tells Peter that he is praying for him.

Satan is on the attack and Jesus is praying…is that enough? Couldn’t Jesus do more?How is it comforting for Peter to know Jesus is praying for him?

Today we are going to look at the fact that Jesus is praying for His people. Just like He prayed for Peter, He is praying for us…and that is REALLY, REALLY good news. Join us to find out why.

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