Sermon / Jesus’ Work, Done Jesus’ Way / Matthew 12:15-21

Matthew 11 and 12 are all about misunderstandings and conflict. Times of conflict, times of misunderstandings, and rejection can be disorienting. In times like that, you need an anchor; you need something to reorient and remind you of what you know to be true. 

Matthew 12:15-21 is that anchor.

These 10 lines that Matthew quotes from Isaiah 42 both explain the difficult situation Jesus finds himself in and they give a mid-story review of his whole mission. Halfway through his ministry, as things seem to not be going how one would think they should, we see that Jesus has not lost focus or is suffering from mission drift. 

And Matthew gives us one of the most powerful and moving passages about who Jesus is…and who He is here is who he can be for you today. 

Today we will see both the work Jesus came to do and the way in which He will do it. And in doing so we will see several significant things:

  • we will see His definition of justice 
  • how He plans to bring about its victory
  • who will join Him in His mission
  • what does He do with the wounded and weary
  • the two different paths for seeking influence and significance 

Join us today! 

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