Sermon / Matthew 11:1-6 / Are You the One?

Matthew is building up to Jesus’ climactic question found in chapter 16: Who do you say that I am? 

But before Jesus asks us who we think He is…He tells us who He thinks He is. 

This section is all about Jesus’ identity. Chapters 8-9 showed us His work, and chapters 11-12 show us his person. 

And Jesus tells us that many people will be scandalized…they will stumble over who He says He is (11:6).

Matthew begins with a surprise. One of the greatest characters of the Bible is stumbling, struggling to make sense of who Jesus is. 

Today we will look at John the Baptist, at the end of his life, he is discouraged, depressed, and full of doubts. He is trying to make sense of what he has experienced and what he has seen. 

And if John can struggle,
if John can doubt,
if John is in danger of losing his way,
then we all are in danger, and there is much we can learn from how he dealt with his doubts and discouragements. 

Before Jesus asks us the most important question we can ever be asked…John asks the most important question we can ever ask: Are you the One to come…or should we look for another?

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