Sermon: Matthew 2:13-23

I have a question for you: 

What can an x-ray of Teddy Roosevelt’s lungs, a legal dispute with the Beach Boys, and jokes teach us about the Bible? 

Sounds like the setup for a bad joke, doesn’t it?

But it’s not. It’s the setup for (what I hope) is a good sermon.  

Matthew chapter 2 is all about revelation: How God reveals Himself to us. 

And all three of those things from the question above:

  • X-rays
  • Music
  • Jokes

teach us something very important about how to understand the Bible. 

Listen to hear how:

Sermon Text | Matthew 2:13-23

3 Metaphors 

  1. The Bible is like music. Do you hear it? 
  2. The Old Testament is like a photo/x-ray. Do you see it?  
  3. The Bible is like a joke. Do you get it? 

3 Messages: 

  1. God on the run (2:13-15) 
    1. Hear it
    2. See it 
    3. Get it 
  2. God attacked (2:16-18) 
    1. Hear it
    2. See it 
    3. Get it 
  3. God laid low (2:19-23) 
    1. Hear it
    2. See it 
    3. Get it

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