Sermon / Spiritual Reconstruction Surgery / John 21:2-19

Tymek, was just like all toddlers. Active, energetic…prone to put things in his mouth that he shouldn’t. Most of the time it was harmless. Until it wasn’t.

Tragically, Tymek got his hands on toxic chemicals… and drank them. In the panic of the emergency, neither his parents nor his doctors knew if we would live.

Thankfully, he did. But then they didn’t know if he would ever be able to eat normally or talk. He can. He can because of the skillful, delicate hands of Dr. Adam Maciejewski and his team who performed micro-reconstruction surgery on Tymek and reconstructed his larynx, trachea, throat, and his bone marrow.

All surgery is anxiety-ridden. We marvel at the skill required to reconstruct something as delicate as a damaged throat, or torn artery. But think about the skill required to do reconstructive surgery on a damaged soul?

If you think it is dangerous to cut on the body, what about cutting on the soul?

This Sunday we are going to enter into the operating room and watch the Great Physician of Souls perform reconstructive surgery on Peter’s broken spirit. We will see a broken man in the tender hands of the skillful Surgeon. And we will learn something about how we can be re-made.

Here we see how Jesus can reconstruct a broken spirit, and we will see how he can begin to repair a fractured community. Both of which we desperately need today.

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