SERMON // The House that Jesus Builds – His House Rules // Matthew 17:24–18:35

We are moving to Phase 3 of Jesus’ building project: His House Rules.

We all have “house rules.”

Some are obvious and stated:

  • Take your shoes off at the door… 
  • No balls or frogs in the house… 
  • No sugar before bed…

And some are implicit and unsaid: 

  • Don’t bother Dad while the game is on… 
  • Don’t interrupt Mom when she is texting…

Each of our house rules, whether stated or unstated, mark the defining characteristics of our house.

In the house that Jesus builds, the defining characteristic is sacrificial love. 

Matthew 13–17 lays the ground work for the faith of the church by defining for us what we are to believe. Next, Matthew 18–20 define for us the love of the church by defining for us how we are to love others.

A Practical Guide for Loving Others

Matthew 18–20 Jesus gives us a practical guide for loving well. These are Jesus’ House Rules.

In 17:24–18:35, He gives us the three attitudes of love that are to be characteristic of His house, and then the three fundamental actions of love. Over the next three weeks we will walk through this practical guide for loving well.

Here is the outline:

3 Attitudes of Love:

  • 17:24–27: Sacrificial love’s flexibility 
  • 18:1–5: Sacrificial love’s humility
  • 18:6–9: Sacrificial love’s sensitivity

3 Actions of Love: 

  • 18:10-14: Sacrificial love seeks the drifting 
  • 18:15-20: Sacrificial love confronts the sinning
  • 18:21-35: Sacrificial love forgives the repenting

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