Sermon // The House That Jesus Builds: Jesus is a Teacher // Matthew 16: 13-28

Take a minute to look around your house.

What photos are displayed in your house? 

Who are they of? Why those? Who took them? 

We take and display photos for all different reasons. 

What pictures would Jesus have up in his house? 

Just after World War I a group of Archeologist discovered a nearly fully intact house church from the 200’s in modern-day Syria. And on the walls were some of the oldest pictures of Jesus we have. But one aspect of the pictures was surprising: Jesus’ outfit.

In Matthew 16-20 Jesus gives us his plan for building His church. We’re looking at the foundation.
And today we will see that one non-negotiable foundation for Jesus’ house is His ministry of teaching. 

Here is our outline if you are following along at home: 

I. Jesus is a teacher

       1. Jesus was a teacher.

        2. Jesus still is a teacher.



II. How was Jesus taught and how does He teach?

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