SERMON // The House that Jesus Builds – Learning to Fight Right // Matthew 18:1-14

In Matthew 18:1-14 Jesus warns us about offending others. We are not to offend others, but what do we do when we are offended? 
We live in a world where conflict is unavoidable. As much as we may wish to avoid it, conflict comes to us all. 

Interpersonal and relational conflict is one of the central realities of life, and with it, all of the reactions it brings: fear, hurt, self-pitying, gossip, avoidance, escapism, comfort-seeking, lying, manipulation, and much more. 

So what do you do about it? 

In Matthew 18 Jesus gives us a 3-step process for dealing with conflict. 

Here is a road map that will lead us to the fountain of life. 
Here are protocols for peacemaking. 
Here is confrontation for the sake of restoration. 

Here we see conflict as a redemptive opportunity. An opportunity to grow. It is not something to avoid. For, without it we will remain immature, insecure, incomplete, and lacking many of the godly characteristics the Holy Spirit wants to cultivate in us. 

Join us for Jesus’ 3 Step process for redemptive conflicts. 

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