SERMON// The House that Jesus Builds – The Joy of Accounting? // Matthew 17

Some jobs seem to get the short-end of the publicity stick. For example, go to Barnes and Noble sometime and ask a sales clerk if they have: The Joy of Accounting, and see what you can find. You probably will be able to track down the Joy of Cooking, The Joy of Photography, The Joy of Juicing…but not The Joy of Accounting. 

Or, ask a dozen kids what they want to be when they grow up and note the answers. You probably won’t get many saying they want to pursue useful trades like plumbers, electricians, mechanics, or data analysts. No, no — many will want to be YouTube stars, social media influencers, actresses, and astronauts… or, if you are my 4-yr-old son, you want to be a dinosaur. 

But accounting, electrical work, data analysis are all incredibly useful fields…filled with some of the finest people we know. 🙂 But you have to admit, many (or arguably most) jobs are not marked by glitz or glamour. 

There is a good chance there will never be a runaway, international best-seller entitled: The Life-Changing Magic of Excel Spreadsheets. 

NEVERTHELESS, this Sunday, we are going to break out some spreadsheets and excel graphs! During the sermon and in the congregational meeting, we will look at Matthew 17; and here Jesus gives us the basic rhythms and routines that are to mark His house. They may not be glitzy or glamorous, but they are absolutely essential to household health. 

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