SERMON // The House that Jesus Builds – The Promise of His Presence // Matthew 18:19-20

Matthew 18:20: “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

Jesus’ promise of His presence echos one of the great, master promises of the Bible. 

All throughout the Bible, (over three hundred times!) God promises His presence to His people as they walk through the challenges of life. 

This promise is the comfort given to Abraham as he is called to embark on his unknown journey. And it is the warning given to Abraham’s enemies that he is not someone to be messed with. This promise is the comfort given to Jacob as he flees his home and the comfort given to Moses as he is overwhelmed with his task. It is the comfort given to Joshua before battle; the comfort given to Jeremiah during exile; the comfort given to Mary in the midst of mystery; and it is the comfort given to dozens of others. 

The promise of God’s presence is meant to give them confidence through the pilgrimage of life; give courage before the battles of life; give comfort in the midst of the sufferings of life; and give rest after the great trials of life. 

And this is the great promise that Jesus gives to us. The promise of his presence. Join us today as we dwell on the promise of His faithful presence, what it is…why we need it…and how we get it. 

Here is today’s outline: 

Matthew 18:19-20 

I. The Promise of His Faithful Presence: 
– What is not important 
– What is important 

II. His Faithful Presence Empowers Your Faithful Presence: 
– Aim for longevity 
– Embrace a kingdom mindset 
– Build enduring institutions 
– promote the good, the true, and the beautiful 

III. How Can You Experience His Faithful Presence: 
– Commit to Worship 
– Commit to Relationships 
– Commit to the Word 

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