SERMON // The House that Jesus Builds – Why We Fail? // Matthew 17:14-21

It has been said that “a man can only fail so many times…before something in him breaks.” 

How do you deal with failure? Yours? Others? 

In our text today we are going to see a picture painted of three types of failures…and we will hear three words of Jesus to confront and then overcome them. 

In Matthew 17 Jesus is establishing the basic rythems of His house. Once a week we go up the mountain into God’s presence to hear his voice. And then we go down the mountain into a broken and needy world. 

Today we will learn how to go into that broken and needy world with his power to overcome our failures.

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Here is the sermon outline for those following along at home:

Matthew 17:14-21

3 Pictures of Powerlessness (14-16) 
1. A desperate father 
2. A tormented son 
3. The Helpless helpers 

3 Words of Power (17-21) 
1. A word of critique 
2. A word of command 
3. A word of clarity   

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