Sermon // The Wonders of His Love // You’re So Annoying!! // 1 Corinthians 13:5

Love is not irritable…

Before you can express this kind of love you have to first experience this kind of love. 

Why are you so annoying!! 

You ever said that? 
Has anyone ever said that to you?

Life is full of irritations…the co-worker who is always clicking their pen…the room-mate who slurps their cereal…the women driving with nowhere to go, assuming no one else has anywhere to go either…the dog barking at all hours of the night…the kids asking for the hundredth time: “are we there yet”

Why can life be annoying? And why does it matter? Why does Paul include irritability in his list of what love DOES NOT do?  Is it really that bad? 

What we will see tomorrow is that irritability is not simply the natural response to life’s irritations…it is the opposite of love.
It is not a small way of complaining.
It is an active way of hating. 
It is worse than we think. 
And we are more guilty than we would like to admit. 

Irritability is a small, subtle, clandestine relationship killer. It is soul cancer.  

Join us tomorrow as we learn how to detect it and then how to kill it. 

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