Serve my people | 9/3/23

Have you ever wondered: Why do we give gifts on Christmas? 

Christmas is the only holiday we celebrate by giving gifts to others.  We don’t do that on Halloween or Thanksgiving or the Fourth of July, or Labor Day. Why?

We celebrate birthdays by being given gifts, but not giving them.  

The Hobbits had it right. They gave gifts on their birthday…that way, a week would rarely go by where they wouldn’t be given something!

It would be an interesting sociological research project uncovering the origin of giving gifts on Christmas. Regardless of the reason, the reality gets to the theological heart of the gospel. 

This Sunday, we will focus on Serve My People.

And we will see that giving is at the very heart of who God is and what Jesus came to do. There is a “serving cycle” that begins with God’s grace, ends with God’s glory, and is filled with our receiving and giving to others. 

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