Spiritual Warfare: Greed

In Ephesians 6 Paul calls us to spiritual battle, and over the next 10 weeks we will be doing a series of case studies in spiritual warfare.

Using the 7 deadly sins as a framework, we will look at 7 of Satan’s primary strategies for attacking us.

In this sermon Gray Keller helps us battle greed. He surveys the mass of biblical examples of greed and then compares and contrasts the rich young ruler with Zacchaeus from Luke 18 and 19.

Here is the outline for the upcoming weeks:

February 17: Our battle with Greed (The Case of the Rich Young Ruler and Zacchaeus: Luke 18, 19)

February 24: Our battle with Pride (The Case of Haman: Esther 3)

March 3: Our battle with Anger (The Case of Cain: Genesis 4)

March 10: Our battle with Envy (The Case of Asaph: Psalm 73)

March 17: Our battle with Sloth (The Case of the Sluggard: Selected Proverbs)

March 24: Our battle with Lust (The Case of Jospeh: Genesis 39)

March 31: Our battle with Gluttony (The Case of Achan: Joshua 7)

April 7: Jesus’ Victory over Satan in the Wilderness

April 14: Jesus’ Victory over Sin on the Cross

April 21: Jesus’ Victory over Death at the Tomb

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