Spiritual Warfare: Sloth

In this sermon we continue our case studies of the seven deadly sins with sloth

Surely this is not a sin that effects us? We live in a busy world, surrounded by busy people. We are always on the go. Everyone is busy, busy, busy…

One of the most beautiful things about weekly sermon preparation is how often God’s word will surprise you. And one of the most challenging things about weekly sermon preparation is how often God’s word will cut you

I began the week assuming that sloth simply meant “laziness,” and surely wouldn’t be much of an issue around here. I thought, “good thing it is spring break…we can take this sin ‘off.’ ”  And as it is now the end of the week, I think it might be one of the most pervasive and paralyzing sins of our age. 

Sloth might be THE sin of our modern world.

This stealth sin is so much worse than simple laziness — it runs so much deeper. 

Fundamentally, sloth is the refusal to face the demands that love places upon us. The love required to nurture real relationships. The love required to grow and develop in a vocation. The love required to be present

Sloth finds all limits and responsibilities repugnant. 

Sloth manifests itself in two primary ways: 

  1. APATHY. This is marked by a despairing resignation. This is someone who has checked out, given up, or lost their joy. They are stuck and sluggish. 
  2. AVOIDANCE. This is marked by a desperate “escapism.” This someone who is always board. One who demands that the world entertain them, divert them. They are entitled. They procrastinate. They are always distracted…always checking…always clicking…never at rest…never at peace. Always moving, but never accomplishing what is important or necessary. 

Sloth is a slow and steady killer.

It will kill relationships. 
It will kill careers.
It will kill skill. 

Don’t be fooled — sloths may be cute animals…but the sin of sloth is slowly trying to destroy you.  

Here is the sermon outline:

Spiritual Warfare: Sloth

The Case of Caleb: Joshua 14:6-12

Joshua 14:8  yet I wholly followed the Lord my God…

  1. What is it?
  • What it is not.
  • What it is.

2. Why is it so bad?

3. How do you fight it? The Case of Caleb

  1. Faithfulness can be lonely and seem crazy. (14:8,12)
    1. Lonely
    2. Crazy
  2. Faithfulness is fueled by the promises and is energized by the present. (14:10-11)
    1. Promises
    2. Present

How can I be faithful in this placeā€¦and with these people?

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