Summer in the Psalms | Steve Doggett

This Sunday, we are excited to hear from Steve Doggett!

Steve and Debbie have dedicated their lives to faithfully serving the Lord, all over the globe. We are delighted to have them serving here at Trinity and can’t wait to hear Steve unpack Psalm 86 (which happens to be one of Cynthia’s favorite psalms). 

Here is Steve’s outline: 

 Ps 86: 1-4 David’s expressed heart attitude 
        Honoring God’s Name must be accompanied by faith resulting in action 
Ps 86:5 What is God really like? 
Ps 86:6-7 Know that God hears you and answers you 
Ps 86:8-10 How many gods are there? 


Summer Preaching Schedule 
June 23 | Steve Doggett
June 30 | Rob Corbin 
July 7 | Kenny Ortiz 
July 14 | Dave Lindemulder
July 21 | Peter Willis 
July 28 | Dan Maloy 
August 4 | Rob Corbin 

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