The Original Thanksgiving Meal | Exodus 12 – 13:16

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, and lots of really good food! 

This Sunday, we finished the first major section of Exodus and point forward to our Advent series on Joy

Fittingly, we arrive at the institution of the first Passover meal, which could be the original Thanksgiving meal. And central to this meal is not turkey, but lamb.

We looked at the lamb and unpack both the significance of the lamb and the story behind the lamb. Here is the outline: 

1.    The Significance of the Lamb 

  1. Our Relationship with God: the lamb’s sacrifice will cover the debt. 
  2. Our Relationship with Ourselves: the lamb’s sacrifice will feed the hungry. 
  3. Our Relationships with Others: the lamb’s sacrifice will show the path to life. 

 2.    The Story of the Lamb 

  1.     Chapter 1: Abraham 
  2.     Chapter 2: Moses 
  3.     Chapter 3: Jesus 

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