To Kill or Not to Kill – The Sixth Commandment –

“Do not murder…”

This is one of the shortest verses in the entire Bible. It is just two words in the Hebrew. And yet, the scope is nearly limitless.  This week, we will open up this commandment by examining the first murder: Cain killing Abel. We will see that this is the second fall narrative, culminating in Genesis Six with a flood of cataclysmic proportions. But even that is not strong enough to wash clean the sin-stained world. 

We will look at this story from Cain’s perspective and learn three key lessons: 

Here is our outline:  

1. The danger that Cain was in is the same danger that we are in (v.7).      

1. It Hides      

2. It’s Hungry 

2. The danger that was in Cain is the danger that is in us (3-7).  

3. The damage that Cain does, is the damage we are all capable of (8-15).

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