Truly Known and Fully Loved?

Psalm 139

One of the deepest desires we all have is to be truly known and fully loved.

We can’t be loved unless we are known — but if we are truly known, can we still be fully loved?

Love without knowledge is shallow and superficial. 

Knowledge without love is a painful type of rejection.

To be truly known and fully loved is both our great desire and our great dilemma. In order to be loved we have to be known… but if we are known, will we still be loved?

Is such a relationship really possible? 

If it is, do I really want it? 

If it is, can I really attain it?

These are the questions we all ask, and Psalm 139 answers.

All that the human heart longs for is found in our relationship with God. 

We can be truly known and fully loved, but only at a great cost to Someone.

Truly Known / Fully Loved 

Psalm 139

  1. God’s knowledge of me (vv. 1-6) 

God’s presence with me (vv. 7-12) 

God’s care for me (vv. 13-18)

2. Love’s Loyalty (vv. 19-22) 

Love’s Humility (vv. 23-24)

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