What are you afraid of…really? | Exodus 5:22-7:13

As we move through Exodus, we have come to the point where Moses must confront his fears. He claims he is afraid that neither the people nor Pharaoh will listen to him, and he will fail. 

But is that what he is really afraid of? Or is there something deeper? 

 If I asked you: What are you afraid of? 

What would you say? 
     Speaking in front of people? 

But, would those things be the things you are really afraid of? 
Before God can use Moses, he has to overcome his real fears…and he can’t overcome them until he owns them.

This week, we will see how God works to get to the bottom of Moses’ fears and how he triumphs over them. 

 Here is our outline: 

1. The Credentials to Serve 

2. The Criteria for Success 

3. The Confrontation with the Snake 

I hope you can join us!

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