What do you want me to do for you? // Mark 10:46-52

Today we are beginning a new series: Out of the Darkness.

Our primary desire for you is to experience the transforming power of the gospel for the glory of God and your good. 
And few things display that power more than Jesus’ power over the darkness. 

Today we are looking at the story of Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52). This is the final healing story of Jesus’ public ministry. This is a paradigmatic story that embodies what Jesus came to do. 

Join us today, or online as we dive into this story. Here is the outline: 

And if we are going to experience the power of the gospel then there are three things we need:

1. Clarify our minds: understand the story 
     a. Setting 
     b. Characters 
     c. Action 

2. Capture our hearts: enter the story 
     You are in the crowd 
     You are Bartimaeus 

3. Compel our lives: live the story 
     You have to place yourself along the way he has chosen to walk 
     You have to cry out: 
     You have to come when he calls 
     Your way must become his way 

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