Worshiping in the Ruins | Ezra 3 

The big idea for the week: Worship is central to life with God. In worship, we are called to look beyond our present difficulties, celebrate what Jesus has done for us in the past, and look forward with hope to what he will do for us in the future. 

The Bible says that when Christian’s come together for worship, it is so much more than a useful spiritual pick-me-up, with pleasant songs and a life-pep-talk. It is central to a life well-lived and is the first priority for God’s people as they are trying to rebuild their lives and God’s house. It helps us not to be captured by the present, absorbed in the here and now, overwhelmed by disasters, tragedies, or just activities and responsibilities. 

Regular worship is God’s gift to his people to help them rightly order their time and their priorities. It is God’s regular reminder of his goodness, his grace, and what is essential and central to life…both this life and the next.

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